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eatSafe LLC provides cartoning equipment for a variety of industries. Our machines are specifically tailored for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical devices, food, beverage, personal care, cosmetics, household goods, and industrial markets.

From space-saving designs to high speed demands, our cartoning machines deliver while maintaining our renowned qualities. These include user friendly HMI's for easy access and visibility, ensuring efficient operation and maintenance. 

With simplified changeovers and low maintenance requirements, our flexible machines are designed for unique applications across industries. They deliver swift adaptation to different packaging needs, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.


The V60 can perform multiple functions, including inline product preparation, carton opening and forming, product detection, product and leaflet input, batch coding (embossing or ink jet), carton closure, automated rejection and finished carton output orientation.

It is designed with multiple reference points and snap in change parts for easier changeovers.

The V60 can work with all types of cartons including:

Straight tuck

Reverse Tuck

Glue type

Auto Lock Bottom

Max Speed - 60 pcs/min

Box Size Capabilities: 20-100mm (L) x 20-100mm (W) x 60-220mm (H)

High Speed Cartoning

The H300 is a high-performance system designed to automate the erecting, filling, and closing of chipboard cartons. With its continuous motion operation, it offers a cost-effective solution for cartoning at impressive rates of up to 300 cartons per minute. This versatile system can seamlessly connect with your product delivery system. Featuring a simple and robust design, the H300 provides efficient automated cartoning capabilities.

Max Speed: 300 pcs/min

Box Size Capabilities: 35-100mm (L) x 20-800mm (W) x 80-180mm (H)


The V120 is a highly customizable cartoning machine that is powered by a single motor for all its mechanisms. It offers the flexibility to install various optional accessories based on specific requirements. With a maximum speed of 120 boxes per minute, it delivers efficient performance for your packaging needs.

Max Speed: 120 pcs/min

Box Size Capabilities: 30-105mm (L) x 25-80mm (W) x 50-200mm (H)


The H60 Intermittent Horizontal Cartoning Machine is equipped with a 3-axis servo control system that can be customized according to specific requirements. It offers precise control over the cartoning process. With a maximum working speed of 60 boxes per minute, it ensures efficient and accurate packaging operations.

Packaging Speed: 60 pcs/min

Box Size Capibilities: 70-180mm (L) x 60-120mm (W) x 30-100mm (H)

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