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Introducing Environmentally-Conscious Tamper-Evident Packaging

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

eatSafe now offers an earth-friendly PLA shrink film for your tamper-evident packaging process. There is a growing market in the US for lower-waste product packaging, driven by consumers who are making environmentally-conscious purchasing decisions.

Our film is a biodegradable polylactic acid film, commonly referred to as PLA. It is derived from annually renewable resources, and it is manufactured using plant sugars to create a proprietary polylactide polymer. This material is far superior environmentally to oil-based PET, polyethylene, PVC and polypropylene films, which use 20-250% more non-renewable energy during production and produce 4-6 times more greenhouse gases during their life cycle.

Our PLA film has several eco-friendly end-of-life choices which are environmentally-superior to all other plastics. The film can be composted in industrial facilities, or incinerated with no volatile compounds (VOCs) and low residue created during burning. Even if the product ends up in a landfill, it produces 75% less greenhouse gas compared to oil-based PET products.

Our PLA films are available for use with the eatSafe Ringer or your existing shrink banding machine. Contact us at + (603) 608-8262 for pricing.

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