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What is the difference between tamper-evident and tamper-resistant packaging?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

There is confusion in the marketplace about the difference between tamper-evident and tamper-resistant packaging. Although the names may not indicate this, tamper-evident packaging is the superior, preferred method of sealing products for human consumption, such as food and pharmaceuticals.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, a tamper-evident seal is something which cannot be removed and reapplied without leaving obvious, visual evidence. An example of a tamper-evident seal is a shrink band placed around the product package which covers the seal between the container and the lid. The shrink band cannot be removed and reapplied; it must be cut or torn to be opened (and therefore it is destroyed).

Tamper-resistant packaging is designed to deter tampering with the product, but does not necessarily produce visual evidence if tampering has occurred. An example of tamper-resistant packaging is placing a sticker or label over the top of a cap. If the sticker is removed carefully, it can be reapplied with no visual evidence of tampering.

The eatSafe Ringer product provides a cost-effective way to place the safest seal on your product, a tamper-evident seal. The Ringer can accommodate a variety of container shapes and sizes, with minimal changeover. For more information on the eatSafe Ringer, visit

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