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What is the eatSafe advantage?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

The biggest advantage to using the eatSafe Ringer is the cost savings. The Ringer can place a secure tamper-evident shrink band on most container sizes and shapes, with a very quick-change (<1 minute) and no changed parts between container types. The machine also offers a quick film change, but since most containers can be sealed with one size of film, you will primarily be changing the shrink film only when the spool is empty.

There is much waste in the current process for shrink-banding containers. Plastic bands called “preforms” or “preform shrink bands” are typically made in China and shipped to the US for use during the packaging process at facilities of food manufacturers and contract packagers. There is a very long lead time between the time of purchase, and when the preforms are received in the US. Each type of preform only fits ONE size and shape of container. A manufacturer or contract packager will often use dozens of sizes and shapes of containers, and must have the corresponding preform shrink band in-stock on the day that particular product is ready to be packaged. If the right size of preform isn’t in stock, the product cannot be packaged that day. This problem has typically been handled by having large warehouses full of preforms at the ready for potential use months down the road. Until now there was no other way… if the correct preform wasn’t in stock when needed, the product couldn’t be packaged and sold.

This is an inefficient system, and it doesn’t work for food manufacturers. eatSafe has developed a better way to protect food and other perishable goods such as medical, health, pharmaceutical, consumer, and household items. Our flagship machine, the eatSafe Ringer forms a custom-sized seal around a variety of containers, and the machine can accommodate most sizes and nearly all shapes. This is a huge savings for our customers! Now you can save money on freight, inventory, warehouse space, and administrative costs, and it’s environmentally-friendly. In addition to the cost savings, the Ringer creates an easy-open seal. Scissors are no longer needed to open the package, and there is no sharp edge like on some deli and bakery containers. For more detailed information about the cost savings, visit

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